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My name is Monica. I am a digital marketer by trade and in my spare time, I blog! I also like to hike, ski, camp, travel, see live music and help people who are struggling with mental health and life issues.

I have been professionally trained and have worked in professional settings as a mental health counselor. I also studied psychology for many years, both professionally and in graduate school, and through numerous self-improvement books and professional articles. I have attended graduate school in social work and counseling psychology.

As a happiness blogger, I promote happiness, personal well-being and positive mental health. I apply lessons learned from my own life and wisdom gained from my educational, personal and professional experiences.

Happiness is an Internal Journey, not an External Factor

Having spent the last five years helping hundreds of people who have mild to severe mental health issues on a mental health forum, and after years of professional and individual study, I came to this realization about happiness being a personal responsibility and choice.

For most of my life and like many others, I falsely believed that happiness would arrive the day I achieved a better job that made me happier, or a boyfriend, or a certain status in life, i.e., if I were married and owned my own home.

I looked externally for my happiness, rather than internally, and I blamed external factors for my unhappiness. I did not realize that I could be happier if I took personal and full responsibility for my mindset and attitude. And I did not realize until I witnessed countless others doing the same thing, that happiness is within our control and is something that can be achieved each and every day. I finally realized that happiness is an internal process rather than something acquired through external means, and is a matter of attitude shifting.


Improve Your Life by Shifting Your Attitude

I used to have a negative attitude because of undesirable life circumstances, and this is partially what made me so unhappy for so many years. I did not understand how much my attitude impacted my happiness overall. I learned in graduate school that even the smallest of shifts in how we view a situation can make all the difference in our outlook and well-being.

My philosophy is that we can improve the quality of our lives on a daily basis simply by shifting our attitude from a negative one to a more positive one. When something negative happens, does it need to ruin our entire day or week? Not if we don’t allow it.

My philosophy involves waking up with a positive attitude each and every morning. I say, conquer the day! If things go wrong or if someone tries to rain on our parade, we can deal with it, problem-solve or choose to dismiss it, then let go and move on. Having a positive attitude is a large part of what creates a happy mentality.


So today I am the happiest I have ever been because of the changes I have made within my own attitude, mentality and approach to life’s difficulties. My life is far from perfect, but I am happy because I have chosen to be.

To learn how to become happier in your own life, explore my happiness blog – I cover many topics and address the most common obstacles to happiness that people face.

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Have a fabulous day and make it great!