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How to Change Perfectionist Thinking and Be Happier

Perfectionism is an extremely high and impossible standard to achieve. Not only that, but perfectionism creates constant self-doubt and worry along with a persistent need for things to be just right. The perfectionist lives in a constant state of self-criticism and fear of doing something wrong.… Read the rest

5 Reasons Why You’re Making Bad Relationship Choices

Making bad relationship choices happens all too often and for many of us. But why? I have been helping people on a mental health forum for the last several years, and I see a reoccurring pattern: people consistently making very poor choices in partners.… Read the rest

Leaving a Toxic Relationship – When Enough is Enough

At what point in an unhealthy relationship do you say, “enough is enough”? Leaving a toxic relationship is no easy task sometimes. A toxic person often will try to hold onto you, despite you trying to leave. There may be guilt involved in leaving if the person is unstable and mentally/emotionally unwell.… Read the rest

Staying in the Wrong Relationship

People get into a relationship for many different reasons. Far too often, it’s because of loneliness or because we falsely believe a relationship will solve our overall dissatisfaction in life. Staying in the wrong relationship happens all too often. Why do we do this?… Read the rest

Take Life as it Comes

Taking life as it comes can seem like a more passive approach to life. However, in my humble opinion, to take life as it comes means to actively participate and go with the natural flow of life, rather than resisting and fighting it.… Read the rest

Always Look for the Silver Lining

To piggyback off my article, How to be Positive, I want to talk about looking for silver linings in every seemingly negative situation. One guaranteed way to more positive thinking is to look for the silver lining. “Every cloud has a silver lining”, after all.… Read the rest

Never Give Up

Life is hard – let’s face it. Life is full of unexpected curve balls, setbacks, tragedies and challenges. For many, life can seem like a never ending and constant uphill battle. I can relate to this sentiment because my own life has never been easy.… Read the rest

How to Manage a Toxic Work Environment

A toxic work environment can infect your very being and soul like pure poison. Toxic people in the workplace will suck the life out of you and can cause deep resentment, anger, rage even and acute unhappiness. So how does one negotiate their way through a toxic work environment, maintain their sanity and remain mentally … Continue reading How to Manage a Toxic Work EnvironmentRead the rest

7 Signs to Know You’re Unhappy in a Relationship

When you’re unhappy in a relationship, there are many telltale signs that tell you that everything is not so great. So how to know you’re unhappy in a relationship? Here are seven telltale signs. You are often worried about the relationship When you’re unhappy in a relationship, you may stress over the relationship or worry … Continue reading 7 Signs to Know You’re Unhappy in a RelationshipRead the rest

How to be Single on Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is here, and for singles, this can be a painful and lonely time. If you are single and dreading Valentine's Day, then this article is for you! Here I want to address how to be single on Valentine's Day.… Read the rest