How to Manage a Toxic Work Environment

A toxic work environment can infect your very being and soul like pure poison. Toxic people in the workplace will suck the life out of you and can cause deep resentment, anger, rage even and acute unhappiness. So how does one negotiate their way through a toxic work environment, maintain their sanity and remain mentally … Continue reading How to Manage a Toxic Work EnvironmentRead more

What To Do When You Hate Your Boss

We spend a large chunk of time at work on a daily and weekly basis. In another post, I addressed, “I hate my job”, and what to do when work is miserable. Similarly, when you despise your boss, work can be just as miserable.… Read more

Eight Tips for How to be Happy at Work

Let’s face it—work is work. No matter how much one loves their job, when Monday rolls around, it can be hard to go back to work—the dreaded Monday. For some work is easier, but for many, work is much, much harder.… Read more

Finding Your Passion

Finding your passion is no easy task for many people and in my own life experience. Many of us want to find work that we love and enjoy, and most of us want to feel passionate about our work or about something in life.… Read more

How to Manage a Hostile Work Environment and Be Happy

How does one deal with and cope when faced with a hostile work environment? Our happiness can be greatly impacted by others who are hostile towards us, and when we are faced with this issue at work, we can become miserable, depressed and unmotivated.… Read more

I Hate My Job – What to Do

Do you wake up in the morning thinking, "Ugh! I hate my job!" and dread going to work each day? If so, this will benefit you and you are not alone. Many, and I mean a countless many, hate their jobs.… Read more