How to Stop Sabotaging Your Happiness

There are many things that we should watch out for when it comes to personal habits and behaviors that may be sabotaging our happiness. We may be unknowingly holding ourselves back from being successful or enjoying life as much as possible.… Read more

How to Change Perfectionist Thinking and Be Happier

Perfectionism is an extremely high and impossible standard to achieve. Not only that, but perfectionism creates constant self-doubt and worry along with a persistent need for things to be just right. The perfectionist lives in a constant state of self-criticism and fear of doing something wrong.… Read more

Take Life as it Comes

Taking life as it comes can seem like a more passive approach to life. However, in my humble opinion, to take life as it comes means to actively participate and go with the natural flow of life, rather than resisting and fighting it.… Read more

Always Look for the Silver Lining

To piggyback off my article, How to be Positive, I want to talk about looking for silver linings in every seemingly negative situation. One guaranteed way to more positive thinking is to look for the silver lining. “Every cloud has a silver lining”, after all.… Read more

Never Give Up

Life is hard – let’s face it. Life is full of unexpected curve balls, setbacks, tragedies and challenges. For many, life can seem like a never ending and constant uphill battle. I can relate to this sentiment because my own life has never been easy.… Read more

How to Live a Happy Life

How does one live a happy life? As a happiness blogger, I have some thoughts on this, so here are some tips on how to live a happy life. A happy life to me is one with no regrets – that when you are on your death bed, you can review your life and feel … Continue reading How to Live a Happy LifeRead more

When You Have Nothing Left, Pick up the Pieces and Trudge Forward!

When you have nothing left in you, what do you do? Well, either you give in and dive into the deep black hole pit of despair, or you climb out. So let’s climb out, shall we? Where to begin when you have nothing left?… Read more

How to Deal with Anxiety

Anxiety is a tough emotional and mental state to manage, especially if prolonged or acute. Even short-term anxiety is hard to deal with. Anxiety can make us lose precious hours of valuable sleep, distract us from work and our loved ones, raise our heart beat and adrenaline levels, cause panic attacks and affect our overall … Continue reading How to Deal with AnxietyRead more

5 Ways to Manage Stress

Managing stress can be difficult for many of us. Levels of stress can vary, as well as the situation – whether that be life related stress or work stress. Stressful situations can vary from the low end to the extreme pressure cooker type of situation.… Read more

What is Happiness?

I’ve been writing all about how to be happy, without defining what happiness really is. So, what is happiness? According to Google’s definition, happiness is the “state of being happy.” Ok, that doesn’t help much. Synonyms for happiness are: pleasure, contentment, satisfaction, cheerfulness, merriment, gaiety, joy, joviality, delight, good spirits, lightheartedness, well-being, enjoyment, exuberance, exhilaration, … Continue reading What is Happiness?Read more