When Life Gives You Lemons…

As they say, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade!” Or, make cookies! But what does this mean? Take what you’ve got and make the most of it? Take what you’ve got and figure out how to turn things around? Here are seven ways to deal with life when life has turned sour grapes.… Read more

How to Deal with Anger

Anger is an emotion that many do not feel comfortable with – within themselves, or coming from other people. It is a very difficult emotion, either way, and most people do not know how best to handle anger. So how to deal with anger?… Read more

Ten Habits of Unhappy People

Chronically unhappy people have certain habits that happy people do not. Here is a list and description of the top ten habits of unhappy people. 1. Constant complaining The unhappiest people are constant whiners and complainers with no action. Nothing is ever satisfying or good enough.… Read more

Ten Habits of Happy People

Happy people approach life very differently than chronically unhappy people. They cultivate certain habits that make them happier in life overall. Cultivate these top ten habits of happy people and you, too, can be happier in life. 1. They practice and feel gratitude daily The happiest people are grateful for all that they have.… Read more

Happiness Comes From Within

Happiness comes from within and should not be based primarily on external factors. If we base our happiness on other people or life circumstances, we set ourselves up for vulnerability. People can hurt us, and circumstances can change. To base one's happiness on external things or people is therefore a mistake.… Read more

How to Accept Things

This post addresses how to accept things as they are. Life inevitably comes with pain and suffering. It is the reality of life, and no one person is immune. However, it is a natural reaction to try and avoid pain. Often times, when we are suffering, we want to deny our experience or reality, we … Continue reading How to Accept ThingsRead more

Overcoming Adversity – How to Overcome Adversity

For overcoming adversity, we must equip ourselves with tools for emotional survival, positive mental health and personal well-being. Adversity in life is difficult and can also be very painful. Adversity can throw our lives and relationships into disarray or chaos, and as a result, it can throw off our emotional balance.… Read more

Positive Thinking – How to be Positive

The power of positive thinking is astounding when it comes to our happiness and energy level. When things go wrong or when facing adversity, maintaining positive thoughts keeps our spirits up, our hopefulness alive and keeps us going. In order to be truly happy in life, we must maintain a positive outlook and positive thoughts … Continue reading Positive Thinking – How to be PositiveRead more

Finding Your Passion

Finding your passion is no easy task for many people and in my own life experience. Many of us want to find work that we love and enjoy, and most of us want to feel passionate about our work or about something in life.… Read more

Setting Boundaries Leads to Greater Self-Esteem and Happiness

Setting boundaries and establishing limits is a very important and necessary part of self care. Without any personal boundaries, people can take advantage of us, use us, abuse us, manipulate us, control us and trample on our self-respect, self-worth and self-esteem.… Read more