Letting Go of the Past – Be Happier Today

Letting go of the past, especially when it has been painful or hard, can be very difficult for many of us, but is necessary and essential to our happiness. Often we can dwell or ruminate on a difficult past and this is quite common.… Read more

How to be Happy Single

In addition to my posts on How to Be Single and Happy During the Holidays and How to be Happy With Yourself, I thought I would devote an entire post on how to be happy single. My Personal Story of Being Single I personally have been single on and off throughout my entire 46 years.… Read more

How To Be Happy With Yourself

In this post, I want to address how to be happy with yourself. With the New Year upon us, many of us create resolutions for making improvements in our lives. If you are finding that you are overly critical of yourself, feeling badly about yourself, who you are, what you are doing in your life … Continue reading How To Be Happy With YourselfRead more

How to be Single and Happy During the Holidays

For many, there is nothing worse than being single during the holidays. I have been there myself, many times. Somehow, during the holiday season being alone and single becomes even more magnified, making us feel sad inside. We see happy couples around us, and we want that for ourselves.… Read more

Self-love Attracts True Love and Leads to Greater Happiness

On the mental health forum where I help people, I see all too often people who do not love themselves who are craving a partner to give them the love and self-worth that is missing within themselves. We cannot rely on others to give us happiness, meaning, self-worth or value in this world.… Read more

Change What You Can And Accept the Rest

There is much in life that is beyond our control to change. We can moan and groan about life all we want, we can be despondent and unhappy about circumstances beyond our control, however, the bottom line is - we become unhappy as a result.… Read more

How to be Happy When Depressed

How to be happy when depressed? Can the two co-exist? Yes! First off, we need to feel that we deserve happiness. Happiness is our natural born right! However,  many people inwardly believe that they do not deserve happiness. When feeling depressed, feeling undeserving of happiness will contribute to a person giving up on the effort … Continue reading How to be Happy When DepressedRead more

Have Happy Thoughts!

It is easy to get down about the world, especially given our current global climate. However, there is so much that is bright, wonderful and colorful in the world, if we choose to see it that way. We can choose happier thoughts when we are feeling low.… Read more

Changing Negative Thinking to the Positive

Changing negative thinking is possible and achievable. I have learned that when I concentrate the majority of my thoughts on the negative aspects of life, whether that be my own or otherwise, I feel much more negative and downhearted. Or, if I focus on all my shortcomings, failures and disappointments and ignore all my successes … Continue reading Changing Negative Thinking to the PositiveRead more

Having an Attitude of Gratitude Transforms Your Outlook

I have been thinking about gratitude and about how much having an attitude of gratitude each and every day transforms one's overall outlook. Gratitude can turn a negative outlook into a much more positive one. Being grateful for even life's most painful lessons or experiences can transform that pain into a more positive emotion and … Continue reading Having an Attitude of Gratitude Transforms Your OutlookRead more