Change What You Can, Accept the Rest

Change What You Can and Accept the RestThere is much in life that is not within our own control to change. We can moan and groan about it all we want, be despondent and unhappy about circumstances beyond our control, but the bottom line is, we become unhappy as a result of not being able to change things that we want to see changed.

But what good does that do us in the end? We’re unhappy. So why not accept all that is not within our hands to improve or change and be happier?

Acceptance is key. Complaining, worrying, fretting and moaning and groaning does no good, and in fact, makes those of us around us just as miserable or worried as we are.

Acceptance does not have to mean approval. Acceptance simply is a way to approach all that is beyond our control with a new attitude to gain greater peace of mind.

We can still disapprove of certain things in life, but acceptance allows us to let go of our disgruntled state of discontent and move on with more important things in our lives.

There is also much that is within our control that can be changed.

If we are miserable in a job, for example, we can beef up our resume and start looking for another. If leaving that job is impossible or too difficult, then we can focus on anything that we do enjoy about that role and still achieve happiness.

I have done this myself numerous times.

Anything in life that we can change or improve upon, we should take steps to do so if we are feeling unhappy and miserable – whether that be with oneself, one’s job or career path, one’s marriage, living situation or interpersonal relationships – all of these things are within our power to change and improve upon.

When we accept and let go and simply work on what is possible and within our reach, we can be much happier. We feel lighter and less burdened by fears, anxiety or worry.

When we take steps towards improvement in our own lives, we feel a sense of personal accomplishment, satisfaction and empowerment, which contributes to our overall happiness and well being.

That which is not within our control we can shrug off, not fixate on and hope for the best or look for silver linings. It is all a matter of attitude. Once we shift our attitude, great changes can occur both within and around us.

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