Eight Tips for How to be Happy at Work

How to be Happy at WorkLet’s face it—work is work. No matter how much one loves their job, when Monday rolls around, it can be hard to go back to work—the dreaded Monday. For some work is easier, but for many, work is much, much harder. So how to be happy at work? Here are eight tips!

1. Wake up with a positive attitude each day

No matter what challenges you must face each day, expected or unexpected, try to have a positive attitude. Try to look at each challenge as an opportunity for growth and learning. Also try to view a challenge as you would if you were climbing a mountain or accomplishing some great feat. If you can meet the challenge, you will feel good! And feeling good makes for a great day!

If you come to work with a positive attitude, it can shape your entire day. On the opposite end, if you arrive at work with a negative attitude, your day will probably not be a great one. So, try to be positive. It will also rub off on your co-workers!

2. Find things about your job that you enjoy

Look for aspects of your job that you enjoy doing and enjoy them. Focus most on what you enjoy as opposed to what you hate doing. Look forward to doing the tasks you like.

You can even seek out ways to capitalize on these tasks by asking your boss for additional similar tasks or to expand your responsibility level to include the tasks you enjoy doing.

3. Socialize!

Get to know your co-workers and spend time socializing with them. Go to lunch with your co-workers or for dinner/drinks after work. We typically spend 40 hours or more per week at work. Why not make some new friends?

If there is no one you like nearby, then perhaps try to get to know others outside of your department. One can never have too many friends, and making friends at work contributes to our happiness.

4. Smile more

Smiling is contagious. When you smile at someone, usually they will smile back. This creates feelings of happiness. So, try to smile at others more often while you are at work. You will be amazed at the positive results!

5. Maintain happy thoughts

If work is really getting to you, try to think of happier thoughts. Think of happy memories, people or places you have been. Go to your “happy place” often to help lift your mood.

6. Decorate your desk and work space

Decorate your work space to your liking! Put up pictures you like, bring in plants, posters or knickknacks you enjoy. Decorating your work space makes it feel much more like home!

Being happy at work can involve feeling like you are “home” and belong. Bringing your own decorations to work helps one to feel much more comfortable and therefore, happy!

7. Listen to music you enjoy

If your job allows it, bring in headphones and listen to your favorite music while you work! This will help you to feel happier and therefore, probably more productive too.

8. Set a goal for each day and achieve it

If you set a goal for yourself each day, no matter how small or big, and achieve it, you will feel good about yourself, and therefore, happier. You will feel successful at the end of each day. This in turn, creates greater happiness! So, think about what you want to achieve each day and set out to achieve it.

So, there are eight tips on how to be happy at work! Here’s to greater happiness!






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