Ten Habits of Happy People

Habits of Happy PeopleHappy people approach life very differently than chronically unhappy people. They cultivate certain habits that make them happier in life overall. Cultivate these top ten habits of happy people and you, too, can be happier in life.

1. They practice and feel gratitude daily

The happiest people are grateful for all that they have. They count their blessings as opposed to focusing on all that is lacking or missing. They appreciate every moment and view life as a gift. Every day is unique, precious and special. The happiest people in life embrace this concept.

Chronically unhappy people focus on all that is lacking or missing, and therefore, never feel happy or grateful for what they do have. Happy people focus on the positives.

2. They don’t get caught up in drama

Happy people do not get caught up in other people’s drama. They avoid drama and negativity. Drama creates and invites negativity. Drama weighs people down and creates unhappy circumstances. Happy people do not get weighed down by such things. They do not involve themselves in negative situations or with negative people.

The unhappiest people often involve themselves in other people’s drama and are frequently weighed down by other people’s issues and negativity.

3. They do not compare themselves to others

Happy people do not compare themselves to others. They do not make social comparisons that make them feel badly about themselves. They accept themselves for who they are and love themselves unconditionally. They practice self-love daily.

Unhappy people frequently make social comparisons and therefore, rarely feel good about themselves.

4. They practice acts of kindness

The happiest people are kind to others on a consistent basis. They practice random acts of kindness. They give to others and give of themselves with a loving and open heart.

Chronically unhappy people have a harder time showing kindness to others, and therefore, they suffer more.

5. They nurture social relationships

Happy people care deeply about their relationships and nurture social relationships. They reach out to others in times of need. They show that they care. They cultivate friendships and maintain those friendships.

The most unhappy people have a harder time cultivating relationships. They often cut themselves off from other people and do not reach out to others.

6. They practice self-care

Happy people take good care of themselves emotionally, spiritually and physically. They make sure to get enough sleep, they exercise regularly and eat healthy foods. They pursue some form of spiritual practice and feel connected to a higher or greater purpose than themselves. They relieve themselves of stress and worries by practicing healthy self-care.

The unhappiest people often do not take proper care of themselves in all of these ways.

7. They commit to goals

The happiest people develop, pursue and commit to goals. They have goals and dreams and pursue them consistently. They do not delay goals and dreams. They actively pursue them and achieve their goals. Therefore, they are happier than those who do not pursue their goals.

8. They cultivate optimism and a positive attitude

Happy people are optimistic and positive people, no matter what the circumstance. They see the positive side of life and focus on that as opposed to the negative. They look for silver linings in seemingly more negative circumstances they face. They consistently overcome challenges with a positive attitude and are optimistic about the future. They do not dwell on the negative or live in fear of the future.

The unhappiest people live in and dwell on the negative side of life.

9. They forgive and don’t hold grudges

Happy people forgive others and do not hold grudges. They forgive, let go and move on.

The unhappiest people commonly hold grudges towards those who have wronged them, and have a harder time with forgiveness.

10. They accept what they cannot change

Finally, the happiest people understand that there are things in life one can change and things one cannot change. They accept and let go of what cannot be changed or improved upon.

They work on what can be changed and do not try to control people, situations or circumstances that are beyond their control.

Unhappy people commonly dwell on things they cannot change and do not accept things that cannot be changed.

So there are the top ten habits of happy people. If you cultivate these top ten habits of happy people, you, too, can feel much happier on daily basis and lifelong.

Here’s to being happier and to your happiness!

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