Happiness Comes From Within

Happiness Comes From WithinHappiness comes from within and should not be based primarily on external factors. If we base our happiness on other people or life circumstances, we set ourselves up for vulnerability. People can hurt us, and circumstances can change. To base one’s happiness on external things or people is therefore a mistake. Happiness must come from within, first and foremost. Otherwise, we give away all our internal power to life circumstances and other people.

Happiness is also not a goal to be pursued once we achieve X, Y or Z, or once X, Y, or Z life circumstances occur. We may never be happy or satisfied by taking this route. Once we achieve one goal, then we’re onto the next. Or, that change or circumstance never happens. Happiness is then a dangling carrot we end up chasing our whole lives.

When happiness comes from within, we are fully empowered. We take full control and responsibility for our lives. We are not at the whim and mercy of people or life circumstances. Life is no longer an emotional roller coaster ride.

We can choose to be happy on a daily basis, all on our own. When we begin to think in this way, we empower ourselves. When we begin to take full responsibility for our inner happiness, we empower ourselves.

Life is challenging, yes, and life can be hard. But when we go within ourselves to find happiness, we are stronger in handling those challenges.

To be happy within, one must be comfortable in their own skin and happy with themselves. One must be happy with who they are as a person. If one is not happy or comfortable with who they are, how can they possibly be happy in life overall? Sure, we can all pretend to be happy on the outside, but one must be happy with oneself inwardly, first and foremost.

So if you are not happy with yourself, the first thing you must do is learn how to be happy with yourself. Once you learn to be happy with yourself and who you are, you can conquer the world.

Strong self-worth goes hand in hand with inner happiness and being happy with oneself. If a person does not have a strong sense of self-worth, that person cannot possibly be happy. That is not to say he/she can never be happy, but without a strong sense of self, a person suffers greatly inwardly.

Inner happiness also does not mean that life is perfect — quite the opposite. People who don’t rely on external factors for their happiness accept life’s imperfections and are happy regardless of them. Such people know how to accept things as they are.

Life is imperfect. Life changes constantly and nothing is permanent. When happiness comes from within, it is easier to accept life as it is and still be happy.

True inner happiness is a state of mind and in reality, is based on the quality of one’s thoughts. A happy person is a positive person who has a positive outlook. One must not pursue happiness, but rather practice happiness as a way of life and a way of thinking. Positive thoughts help to keep a person in a happier state of mind.

Happy people also see the good in everything. This is similar to remaining positive in life.

In essence, happiness is an inner state of being and a way of life. One must be happy with oneself,  accept life’s imperfections and maintain positive thinking in order to truly be happy.

So now you know how happiness comes from within — here’s to your happiness!



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