How to be Single and Happy During the Holidays

Learning to be AloneFor many, there is nothing worse than being single during the holidays. I have been there myself, many times. Somehow, during the holiday season being alone and single becomes even more magnified, making us feel sad inside. We see happy couples around us, and we want that for ourselves. We want to share this time with a special someone. We want to give that special someone a wonderful gift of love and share our love during this most festive time. The holidays are a time of love, a time to celebrate and share special moments with those we love and cherish the most, and we want to share that with a loving partner.

So how do we manage the holidays and our own sadness when we are single? And how can we still be happy during this festive time when we feel sad, lonely or despondent because we are single? In this post, I will address how to be single during the holidays.

Shift Your Focus and Attitude and Work on Yourself

It’s all a matter of shifting our focus and attitude towards being single. Being single has it’s advantages, so take advantage of this most special time to learn about yourself, to love yourself more and embrace yourself for all the wonderful, unique and precious qualities that you have to offer someone special. Only when we fully love ourselves, can we truly give love to another. So if you are finding that you are more down on yourself than not, more critical of yourself than not and feeling bad inside about yourself, it’s time to work on your self-love, and that can be a new goal!

When we spend time alone, or without a partner, we can learn so much about ourselves, i.e., our true interests, our passions, our beliefs and value systems, our goals and our dreams. If any of these are lacking in your life, this is a great time to work on them! When we know ourselves fully, we have that much more to offer a partner. So why not develop yourself more while you are single and take advantage of this time? It can be very exciting, invigorating and is empowering to the self. When we know who we are and where we are headed, we walk with a taller stance, we feel really good about ourselves and our inner happiness shows on the outside. When we are happy, we attract love. That inner glow of happiness is very attractive to others. When we are unhappy, it is less appealing to others. So why not work on being happy in your life?


Do Things That Make you Happy

Other ways to be happy while single during the holidays is to fill your time up with activities that you enjoy. Listen to music that makes you happy, reach out to friends and call them to tell them that you love them. Read a good book, watch a feel-good movie, take a long walk or exercise, or treat yourself to something special! I buy myself gifts all the time, so why not enjoy a gift for yourself? Another idea is to volunteer for a cause you believe in. Volunteering our time is an act of good will that helps others and also boosts our own mood. So why not give of yourself during the holiday season? It will feel good. Or, you could bake something and bring it to a friend, a family member or to your local church.

One thing that I do: I read a lot of positive affirmation quotes, motivational quotes and self-help articles online to make me feel more positive and happy whenever I am feeling low. This is another avenue.

There are countless ways that we can spend our time doing activities that help to improve our mood and distract us from our own pain and sadness. You will find that once you stop focusing on your sadness and shift your focus to activities you enjoy, you will feel lighter and alleviated of that pain, and you will feel better.

Remember that Being Single is not a Permanent State

Lastly, always bare in mind that being single can be temporary, if we really want to find a partner. This is not a permanent state of being, and we need to remember this. Often times, it is easy to believe that this will be forever. But I truly believe that if we really want love in our lives, we can find it, and that there is someone for everyone.

So there are some tips on how to be single during the holidays. This holiday season, enjoy being single, enrich your life all on your own, and you will be that much more prepared for a truly loving relationship when the time is right.


3 thoughts on “How to be Single and Happy During the Holidays

  1. Amazing insights…this is nothing but the truth! This post actually inspired me to do a little more work on my own self-inventory in order to be a happier person and a more available, loving partner! Thank you!

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