7 Signs to Know You’re Unhappy in a Relationship

How to Know You're Unhappy in a RelationshipWhen you’re unhappy in a relationship, there are many telltale signs that tell you that everything is not so great. So how to know you’re unhappy in a relationship? Here are seven telltale signs.

  1. You are often worried about the relationship

When you’re unhappy in a relationship, you may stress over the relationship or worry about it often. Your thoughts are preoccupied with thoughts of worry or concern. Sure, naturally you may worry about your partner’s safety or well-being, but you may carry other concerns day in and day out about the relationship itself. When this happens, it is a sure sign that the relationship is not very stable or secure.

  1. You don’t look forward to or get excited about seeing your partner

In a happy relationship, even though you may see your partner every day and it can become like clockwork, you’re generally happy and excited to see the person. When you’re unhappy and thinking about seeing your partner, you don’t look forward to it. Perhaps you even have a feeling of dread, thinking “what am I going to deal with now?” or “how are they going to react today?”. If you are having these types of thoughts frequently, you are not happy in this relationship.

  1. You find ways to avoid your partner

When you’re unhappy, there are many avoidance tactics people may use in relationships. Perhaps you stopped texting or calling as often, or reply much slower to texts and messages. Perhaps you find ways to stay “busy” either with work, friends or activities. Perhaps you come home late often and stay out late often. If you are spending less time with your significant other and are finding ways to avoid being with them, you surely are not happy.

  1. You are frequently critical of your significant other

Sometimes, unhappiness presents itself in the form of criticism. If you find that you are often thinking critically of this person, either silently or openly, it is a sign that something is off within the relationship. Something is bothering you about the person. On the opposite end, when couples are happy together, criticism occurs infrequently. Sure, happy couples may get on each other’s nerves and criticize, but if the criticism is frequent, then there’s a problem.

  1. You are no longer physically intimate in the relationship

Physical intimacy can wax and wane in relationships, but in the happiest relationships, sex is fairly regular, as long as both people are capable.

How to know you’re unhappy in a relationship is when sex with the person is no longer appealing and you stop having it. You know you’re unhappy if the person used to turn you on and hasn’t changed physically to turn you off, but you no longer wish to have sex. This is a sure way to know that you’re unhappy about something. When a period of no sex is prolonged, a couple can drift apart even more.

  1. You cheat on your partner

If you found that you are cheating on your partner within a committed relationship, you may not be happy in that relationship. Cheating is a sign of a troubled relationship, incompatibility or problems. So, if you find that you are even tempted, take it as a warning sign that something is not right.

  1. You fight frequently and feel burned out

Frequent fighting is a sign of a troubled relationship. When fighting occurs constantly, it is exhausting and wears on both people. When fighting is frequent and prolonged, it will cause unhappiness and divisiveness within the relationship. Frequent fighting leads to burnout on the relationship. So if you find yourself in this position, most likely you are not happy.

Just one of these signs may not be enough to know you’re unhappy in a relationship. There also could be other factors involved–such as your own unhappiness–that is preventing you from being close with your partner.

If one or more of these telltale signs are present, it is time to reevaluate the relationship. No one should be unhappy in a relationship for an extended period of time. Life is far too short to be unhappy!

So there are seven warning signs on how to know you’re unhappy in your relationship. I hope this has helped, and here’s to your happiness in life!

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