Never Give Up

Never Give UpLife is hard – let’s face it. Life is full of unexpected curve balls, setbacks, tragedies and challenges. For many, life can seem like a never ending and constant uphill battle. I can relate to this sentiment because my own life has never been easy.

However, when we have faced many challenges, perhaps one after another, or when life seems the hardest – we must never give up, on ourselves or in life.

Never give up the battle to overcome each new challenge that comes your way – challenges build inner strength and character. We learn more about ourselves through each new challenge, and we build strength with each new challenge. Try to view them this way.

And never give up the battle to succeed in your life or to achieve your goals and dreams – no matter how many setbacks you face, and no matter how hard or far away they may seem.

Take baby steps if that helps. Sometimes baby steps help goals and dreams to seem more achievable and realistic. It may be a matter of one step forward, and two steps back – but at least you are taking a step forward.

Keep taking steps. Your goals are within reach and are achievable with consistent effort and with faith and belief in yourself.

Maintaining faith in oneself is critical for achieving goals and dreams, so never give up on yourself, first and foremost. Have faith in yourself that you CAN DO THIS – never say you cannot.

And never give up on having hope, even if it is the smallest sliver of hope that you must hold onto – hold on. Sometimes, it may take a leap of faith that good things will happen. Sometimes, we just have to believe and have faith that we will be OK in the end, no matter what is happening in our lives.

I am not suggesting here that we sit back passively in life, holding onto hope and faith that things will fall in place or that life will get better. We must be proactive in life, too, and make things happen in order for our lives to improve.

Never giving up means being proactive. We need to proactively tackle challenges; we must proactively solve problems; and we must proactively pursue our goals and dreams.

It is easy, however, to want to throw in the towel sometimes. Sometimes, life can seem beyond manageable, especially when it’s been one challenge after another. I have been in this situation myself.

Those are the times when we may need to surrender to what the universe is allowing at the moment. Fighting against the flow of life – or against the flow of what the universe allows – is like fighting against the flow of life itself.

Sometimes, we need to surrender ourselves to what life gives us in the moment, and believe that life will bring more good things our way when the timing is right. The universe works in very mysterious ways.

I have fought many uphill battles myself. I have wanted to throw in the towel myself many times, and give up on my hopes, goals and dreams. However, when I accepted what the universe was giving me at the time, and when I understood that some doors close while even better doors can open further down the road, I understood something fundamental about the way life works.

Another fundamental fact about life – life is constantly changing and shifting. Life can and does improve, even when all may seem hopeless in the moment. It is in your darkest moments when you can find the strength and will to go on, by knowing that things will eventually shift and change.

So, never give up. Find the strength within you to keep going, to keep fighting the good fight and to keep actively pursuing life in the ways that you desire. Don’t let life beat you down! Conquer it! Take it on with full force and tell yourself, you are not going to beat me! I am going to conquer and win! YES.

It is in our darkest moments that our true inner character is found. It is in our darkest moments when we can find and see the light – or really, our own will to conquer. So never give up on yourself and your inner ability to not only survive, but to conquer and to achieve and thrive.

Happiness can come out of having experienced the darkest moments. We can appreciate that much more the happiness we feel in the moment because we have suffered greatly through major setbacks and/or life challenges.

That is our mission in life, after all – to be happy, to conquer and to thrive, even by enduring the most dire circumstances and situations. So never give up!

I hope this article has encouraged and strengthened you — here’s to your happiness and to thriving in life!

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