Positive Thinking – How to be Positive

The Power of Positive ThinkingThe power of positive thinking is astounding when it comes to our happiness and energy level. When things go wrong or when facing adversity, maintaining positive thoughts keeps our spirits up, our hopefulness alive and keeps us going. In order to be truly happy in life, we must maintain a positive outlook and positive thoughts no matter what the circumstance and no matter what obstacles we face. Otherwise, we can become despondent, discouraged, angry, depressed and unhappy.

How to be Positive

One way to become more positive is to be aware of and notice any negative thoughts that arise. Once you start noticing negative thoughts, you can become much more aware of how often they can creep into your thought process. And once you notice a negative thought creeping in, the key is to then modify that negative thought to a more positive one.

For example, if you think to yourself, “there’s no way I can do this,” that is a negative, self-defeating thought. Instead, you can change that thought to a more positive one by thinking, “yes, this is a challenge, I can face this challenge head on, I will learn how to do this, I will master this and I CAN do this!” That is a much more positive thought that boosts your self-esteem and self-confidence and will make you feel better about facing that challenge. That is just one example of how changing negative thinking to positive thinking works.

Stay Positive Through AdversityWhen facing adversity, life can throw some pretty major challenges and monkey wrenches in our lives and life plans. For overcoming adversity, one must also maintain positive thoughts and a positive outlook. When things don’t work out as planned or as hoped, other opportunities will eventually present themselves. New doors will naturally open. We must view the situation positively, holding onto this knowledge.

When we must overcome an obstacle, or when facing a crisis, one way to remain positive is to know that the situation is temporary and will eventually pass. Life changes and evolves constantly and difficult times always pass. We must also hold onto hope for better and brighter days ahead. We have to have faith in ourselves and know that we have the power to overcome all obstacles and difficulties. Sometimes we have to be stronger than we believe we are capable, but know that you are fully capable of overcoming any difficulty that comes your way. Life never throws us something we cannot handle.

Choose Optimism

We must also be optimistic in life. Being optimistic is a choice one needs to make for oneself. One can choose pessimism or optimism – it is up to you to decide which direction to take. No matter what has happened in the past, and no matter how many difficulties, obstacles or disappointments we have faced, in order to be a positive and happy person, one must remain optimistic. Optimism keeps us feeling positive about life and as a result, in a happier state of mind. The future is untold, and we never know what will happen next. Positive changes can occur by accident, or on purpose if we are on the lookout for new opportunities that open up additional possibility. We must keep our minds open to all possibilities and not limit our thinking to just negative outcomes.

Positive Thoughts Will Change Your LifeSwitching to positive thinking will profoundly change your life. Know that it is within your power to think positively and know that ultimately, positive thinking is a choice. We each have the power to choose our thoughts, which then direct our emotions. Just as happiness is a choice, so is positive thinking. Once you change your thoughts to the positive, you will feel much more empowered in your life and much happier overall.

So in each situation you face that is difficult, look for the bright side and see the silver linings within every situation that seems negative or undesirable. There is always a silver lining to be had, if you look hard enough for one. And therein lies the power of positive thinking!

So here’s to the power of positive thoughts and to your happiness!


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