Surround Yourself with Happy People!

Surround Yourself with Happy People for Greater HappinessAnother pathway to happiness is to surround yourself with happy people. When we surround ourselves with unhappy people who are chronic complainers, constantly negative, cynical, angry or pessimistic, it rubs off on us and effects our own well-being and mentality. Let’s face it – negative people bring us down! They do not uplift us, and they can make us feel worse and quite negative, too. So why surround yourself with people who only just bring you down?

On the opposite end, when we surround ourselves with positive-minded, happy people, it also rubs off on us. Successful entrepreneurs teach a similar principle: surround yourself with those who are successful, follow in their footsteps and you will be successful, too! Well, the same principle can apply here. When we are around happy people, we can feel happier and more positive ourselves. If we are down but in the company of a positive-minded person, it can uplift and improve our mood and mindset. We may even have a new attitude and approach to life after spending time with a more positive-minded person.

Positive and happy people have a certain mentality. When they face disappointment, hurt or setbacks, they keep going and look for the bright side of life and silver linings. Being around such people can change our perspective and feelings about our own life circumstances.

So start by eliminating or avoiding those who are chronically negative and clean house. Avoid people who are toxic to your own happiness and well-being. Invite and welcome those who enhance your life and who make it better for you!

This will contribute to your overall happiness in life. Negative people drain us; positive, happy people cheer us up and make us feel more positive, too. I choose the positive ones! So choose to surround yourself with happy people, and you will be happier too! Here’s to your happiness!


2 thoughts on “Surround Yourself with Happy People!

  1. Hi! I just wanted to drop a line…I’ve been on your site all day, and I’m super inspired by the movement you’re trying to start here! I was moved to add my own two cents. I want to talk about the power of positive music. What we choose to listen to really can influence our mood, our day, and our interactions with others – at least, its like that for me! Listening to music with a positive beat and a positive message often turns a bad day into an okay day, or an okay day into a good day! Just wanted to throw that out there…thank you for making this site, and please keep posting fresh content for all of us positivity junkies to get our fix off of! :thumbsup:


  2. Hi Shane! Thanks for your comment, support and thoughts! I was planning on writing an entry on how music can uplift your mood, and I couldn’t agree more with you! Music with positive messages IS very powerful indeed and can change our entire day around! =) Take care, and have a great day!! Keep smiling always!

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