Take Life as it Comes

Take Life as It ComesTaking life as it comes can seem like a more passive approach to life. However, in my humble opinion, to take life as it comes means to actively participate and go with the natural flow of life, rather than resisting and fighting it. The analogy I make for this concept is to swim downstream with the flow of the water, rather than upstream or against the natural flow.

In order to truly be happy, we must accept things as they are, and sometimes, this means adopting radical acceptance of life circumstances that did not go as planned.

We can plan years ahead in life, yet often times the greatest laid plans can go awry. We can plan painstakingly for the future, but we do not know what unexpected twists and turns we will meet along the way.

The key is to not allow oneself to disintegrate when plans are interrupted and when a different avenue must be taken.

There are always solutions for every problem we encounter.

To take life as it comes, we accept that life is full of challenges, monkey wrenches and unexpected interruptions. Sometimes life may want us to take a different path. And when that happens, we must embrace and accept the changes that are leading us in a new direction.

Change is not easy for many people, and we often avoid or resist big changes in life. We become comfortable in our lives, even if we’re not entirely happy, and we can become complacent. But change is what helps us to grow, learn and develop spiritually. Change is an opportunity to fulfill our potential. Change gives us the chance to prove ourselves and to see what we’re truly made of.

And often times in life, the universe throws us life circumstance that force us to change. We may be stuck in a rut and are unable to move forward. Change can be the opportunity to alter bad habits and improve your life.

So, taking life as it comes means accepting and embracing changes in life.

Sometimes, it can be very painful and lonely to endure, such as with the ending of a long-term marriage or relationship. But even when it’s painful, this does not mean it’s not good for us, or for our highest good. Endings lead to new beginnings. And sometimes that ending is exactly what we needed in order to truly be happy.

Or, perhaps you’ve lost your long-term job and are uncertain about the next steps in your career. Trust that a loss such as this can lead to even better avenues in the future. Be open and remain optimistic.

Accept What IsTrust the universe has good things in store for you. Have faith that life will right itself when things seem upside down and out of place. Sometimes we may not see the benefit right away. Sometimes we need to be patient before seeing the fruits of change.

Another key is to remain flexible and open to all of life’s experiences. When you are open to experience, you are not resisting the flow of life, but you are allowing the flow of life. Life is so much richer when we are open to different and new experiences.

Take things as they are and take things as they come. Be equipped with the knowledge that you can handle any challenges that come your way. The universe does not give us more than what we can handle. You are much stronger and more resilient than you may think.

Accept, trust and have faith in the natural order of the universe. Sometimes, we don’t get what we want, but we do get what we need. Life is not about getting what we desire all the time. And sometimes, we may need a good ‘ole kick in the right direction to make much needed changes.

If we are too rigid in our beliefs and rules about how life “should be”, we will always feel disappointed and unhappy. But if we remain open and accepting of change, we can be that much happier and content.

So, go with the flow and takes life as it comes. There is no blueprint to life. There is only what happens to us, and more importantly, how we respond to all that happens to us. We are the masters of our own happiness and destiny.

So, here’s to going with the flow in life and to your happiness!

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