How to Manage a Toxic Work Environment

Toxic Work EnvironmentA toxic work environment can infect your very being and soul like pure poison. Toxic people in the workplace will suck the life out of you and can cause deep resentment, anger, rage even and acute unhappiness.

So how does one negotiate their way through a toxic work environment, maintain their sanity and remain mentally healthy without having a breakdown?

Here are some tips for how to survive a toxic work environment.

1. Avoid all drama

Steer clear of any and all drama in the workplace.

Toxic people love to stir up and create drama and negativity! So avoid it like the plague! Do not engage in people’s drama and negativity, which toxic people love to spread.

Whether it is office gossip about co-workers or messy and dirty office politics, sidestep and avoid these types of conversations and situations. Do not stoop to their level and remain professional at all times.

You can politely excuse yourself. Say that you’re busy and must get back to work. Keep the conversation brief. The toxic person (or people involved) will eventually get the hint.

2. Stick with the people you like who are your allies

Avoid the negative people and stick with those who are positive-minded, those who are supportive of you and those who have your back. You know who they are.

If you do not have any allies, or if you are new on the job, then keep to yourself and avoid the negative people at all costs. It’s far better to feel lonely at work than to be around a negative, toxic person!

Negative people bring others down and are toxic to one’s mental health, productivity level and happiness at work.

You know the type of person – the constant whiners, the ones who see everything negatively, the ones who blame everyone and everything for their problems and those who do not take any personal responsibility.

So avoid them. Find your allies and bond with those people, even if it’s just one person! One ally or friend is all you really need in a toxic workplace to feel like you can survive.

3. Adopt a different outlook on the situation

A toxic work environment can be viewed differently than a nightmare you must face each and every day. View it as a challenge and an opportunity to rise above the BS. Be the bigger person. You can still thrive in a toxic work environment and do a great job, so focus on that.

Focus on the aspects of your work that you do enjoy and capitalize on those aspects. Focus on any perks in the job and workplace that you appreciate. This means adopting a more positive outlook overall. By focusing on any positives, even if it’s only a few, you will feel better.

You know the saying “don’t let the turkeys get you down”? Well, adopt this mentality. You can still be a productive employee and maintain your sanity if you view the situation as just that – a bunch of turkeys going haywire. Try to see some humor in the situation, if you can. People can be turkeys in life, and the workplace has no shortage of them!

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So there are some tips on how to manage a toxic work environment. I hope you have found this post to be helpful, and here’s to your happiness!

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