When You Have Nothing Left, Pick up the Pieces and Trudge Forward!

When There is Nothing LeftWhen you have nothing left in you, what do you do? Well, either you give in and dive into the deep black hole pit of despair, or you climb out. So let’s climb out, shall we?

Where to begin when you have nothing left? First off, I am talking about emotional circumstances.

The first thing to understand is you need to rebuild yourself and rebuild your strength.  It can happen, and does happen, slowly, step by step.

The first step is to have faith. Have faith in yourself to rebuild YOU and YOUR LIFE. It all starts with YOU. You can do this, no matter what you are facing, but you need to have faith that you can, first.

So, what do you do next? Recharge.

When you have nothing left inside, often it’s because of burnout on life. So, you need to take the time to recharge your batteries to get to a mental and emotional place where you can rebuild.

So, take time off. Take a mental health break from life – however long is needed. Do nice things for yourself, and perhaps things you haven’t done in a long time for yourself. What haven’t you been doing lately that you wish you could do? Do those things. Pamper yourself and treat yourself well.

And when you have nothing left, sometimes it’s best to sit back and not give so much of yourself. Have you been giving too much? Have you been overextending yourself?

Know that it is OK to pull back a little from giving so much of yourself. Your energy has been expended, so now it’s time for YOU.

So, take the time to recharge, even if it means being a tiny bit selfish for a bit. It’s OK. Take at least an hour a day to spend with yourself, for yourself.

Once you are feeling a bit more human again, think about what you want next in life. What’s next? What are your biggest dreams, goals and wishes? Have they long been buried, forgotten or left behind? Or were they stamped out perhaps?

Dig them out and think about what you want out of life. Sometimes, current circumstances may change our goals and dreams, so go with the flow of what is next and what now?

Another suggestion: journal. Write it out. I find writing to be a great learning exercise, but it’s not for everyone. But for those who want to try, try writing out your feelings and thoughts to get them on paper. Sometimes, this helps to clarify what you want the most.

Also, know that life is constantly changing, moving and evolving – so do emotions and life circumstances. Changes will eventually occur, and life will shift again. Hold onto the hope and knowledge that things can always improve and change in time.

Lastly, keep feeding yourself – your soul – what I call in life “soul food”.  Do things you truly enjoy! Get out and enjoy life, whatever that means to you. This will feed your spirit and will give you renewed energy.

So, let’s recap: when you have nothing left inside, take the time you need to recharge. Take time for YOU. And think about what is next. Perhaps journal to gain clarity in the situation and feed your soul with things you enjoy in life – you will be a different person, trust me.

So there are some tips on what to do when you’re empty with nothing left – here’s to your recovery and happiness!

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