Why Do Miserable People Try to Make Others Miserable?

You know the saying, “misery loves company”? It could not be truer in the case of chronically unhappy and miserable people.

Commonly, miserable people are envious of others’ happiness or success. Those who are unhappiest with themselves and their own lives loathe and cannot stand to see others who are more successful, happier or more satisfied with their lives than they are. It’s like a constant thorn in their side to see another be happier; it’s a constant reminder to them of how unhappy they truly are.

Therefore, miserable people seek and set out to destroy another’s happiness and to bring down a happy person by a peg or two to their own level of misery. Commonly, a miserable person’s behavior reflects their own inner envy because they will criticize, put down, blame and find fault with those who are better off in life. Doing so helps this type of person to feel better about themselves; they no longer are alone in their misery, hence the saying above, “misery loves company”.

On a mental health forum where I was volunteering my help, I found myself to be the target of many of these kinds of people. My messages most often were of a very positive nature to help bring greater positivity and happiness to those who were suffering. Somehow, I became a target on this website for several people who did not like what I had to say. I realized over time that they must be miserable in their own lives to target someone such as myself, who was there only to help instill positivity on a website full of negativity and misery.

These individuals argued with me, antagonized me and bullied me. I scratched my head wondering what I had done wrong. It wasn’t until after I left the site that I had an epiphany; they were envious of my positive nature. Therefore, they had to try to tear me down.

That is how it works with miserable people. There are several facts in life: the weak try to take down the strong; the envious try to take down those they are envious of; and the unhappy and miserable try to tear down those who are happiest.

So why do miserable people try to make others miserable? Plain and simple: because they are unhappy.

Therefore, my advice is to steer clear of miserable people in your life. Surround yourself with those people who will support you, who will lift your spirits up, who bring you positive feelings and who bring you happiness.

So, here’s to your happiness and success in life!

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